Septic Tank Inspections

When you purchase or sell a home that has a septic system you want to make sure you get it inspected to confirm everything is in working order and no repairs are needed. At Affordable Septic, we are O&M I and II certified inspectors and we can provide you with a thorough septic system inspection. The type of septic system you have determines when you should have it inspected. Below is a chart from the Clark County Public Health division showing (approximately) when you should have your system inspected.

Type of SystemFrequency of Inspection
Pressure DistributionEvery 2 years
Simple gravity with or without pumpEvery 3 years
All alternative systems (sand mounts, ATU, Glendons, etc.)

All food service establishments


Note: Some systems are so complex the manufacturer recommends inspection more often for the first 2 years; be sure to meet the conditions of your warranty

All systemsWithin 1 year of the date of the sale of the home


Affordable Septic also offers septic tank camera inspections that allow us (and you) to see exactly what the problem is in the septic tank or lines and effectively fix it. This makes us better equipped to deal with the toughest of septic issues. The ability to see into the tank with a camera puts us above the competition when we repair and maintain your septic system.

Affordable Septic is dedicated to making every septic tank inspection as thorough as possible. We invite you to watch us work so you can gain a better understanding of the septic system located on your property. If you have any questions about your tank’s inspection or want to schedule an inspection with one of our professional technicians, give us a call today. We’re ready to help!

Septic Tank Installation

Services_InstallationAffordable Septic can install your new septic system using advanced equipment and experienced technicians so your property is left unharmed and your system will last a lifetime. The importance of having a good installation of your septic system is monumental since it can make your system last longer and have a lower risk of failure.

We can help you choose what size and type of on-site septic system to install on your property. There are many rules and regulations on septic systems, depending on your county, and we can help you make sure your septic tank installation meets all codes and is done right. At Affordable Septic, we take the guess work out of OSS installation. Our goal is to make it simple and stress-free for you.

Septic Line Jetting

For the toughest drain clogs in your on-site septic system, Affordable Septic offers septic line jetting to quickly fix the clog. With our powerful and maneuverable equipment, we effectively fix the problem all while being gentle on your pipes. We can also help with fixing drain clogs in your kitchen and bathrooms to get your home running smoothly in no time.

Septic Tank Pumping and Cleaning

Do you know how frequently your tank needs to be pumped? It’s highly recommended that every 3 to 5 years, your tank should be pumped by a professional. There are some systems that need to be pumped and inspected much sooner than that – depending on your usage and local conditions – so make sure your system is being pumped accordingly. If you don’t have the system pumped routinely, you will end up with clogged drains, system backup and damaged property. Regular pumping ensures that solids will not flow from the septic tank into the drainfield. Solids can destroy the drainfield, and once a drainfield has failed, pumping will not bring it back to life.

At Affordable Septic, our technicians are knowledgeable about septic tanks and we make pumping and cleaning your tank easy. One of our trucks and our technicians will come to your home and locate the tank, inspect it, and clean and pump the tank properly. We offer fast and reliable service to take the chore out of septic system cleaning and leave your home, and septic tank good as new.

Call Affordable Septic today to schedule your routine inspection and maintenance. We’re ready to help!

Septic Tank and Drainfield Locating

It is very important to know where your septic tank and drainfield are located so that you can avoid damaging it. It’s important not to drive over your OSS, park on it, build or plant on it. It’s also a good idea to know where your drainfield is located because you can watch for signs of OSS failure such as soggy grass or surfacing sewage.

Affordable Septic can help with locating your tank and making sure everything is working properly. Whether you schedule an inspection or pumping, our technicians will first locate your tank and give you detailed descriptions to help you in the future. Even if your system doesn’t need any maintenance, our team will come out and quickly locate your tank for you before you begin expanding your deck or adding on that new addition.